Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, Rain and stuff

Yesterday I read so many deep and wonderful things, thoughts about the sisterhood of women and I was so engaged in it that today I feel like I have a hangover. It is a slow morning, like most are for me. The coffee is done but I haven't stirred to get any yet. Spent a good deal of time looking at all the wonderful pictures of our granddaughters that my step-son-in-law put on FaceBook. He is does a really excellent job of capturing the moment with them. Even the posed pictures look unstaged. Perhaps it is because the subject matter is so wonderful. I liked looking at their life, Stephan and Corinne and the girls. The simple joy of a new gas range, how I remember getting mine. It was a wonder to me and I love cooking on gas. I know Corinne has wanted one for quite sometime and its great that Stephan decided to record the event for posterity. They will enjoy looking back at all the little things and big things that they have done together and I hope, they feel very content.

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