Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Saturday

It is the Saturday before Christmas, and, the Saturday before my sixty-fifth birthday. How I got here is a mystery. I don't feel 65 and I certainly don't look it thanks to some very good genes from my mother who, bless her heart, is not here to celebrate with me. She died of bi-lateral breast cancer at the tender age of 60 after a too short 1 year battle. It is now safe to say that I am living in an age that she did not experience. She also did not get to experience my getting married in 1986 or the wonderful stepdaughters I have or my wonderful husband Dave. I'm grateful that my Dad did get to know them a bit, in spite of the horrible woman he married after mom died in 1983. I could go into a real rant about that but it is for another time or, perhaps, never.

So, anyway, here I am at almost 65, carrying my new Medicare card and wondering if I will get to use it soon. (How weird is that). Like a new credit card, I want to see if it works. Never mind that the circumstance in which I could use it may not be the most healthful situation. Funny.

I've just been reading a wonderful blog by an author named Kelly Corrigan who wrote a book called "The Middle Place". I love her style and writing, her economy of words and all of them just right. It could be because she has a master's degree in literature which I think helps, but mostly she has the ability to write just the essence, pure and concentrated about her subject. When I find someone who writes so well I am inspired to write about my life, because lets face it, it is as interesting as most lives and would look even better in print. Right? I think deep thoughts, think critically about the written word, at times, and in general feel that almost anything I have to say is funny. I am growing in my appreciation of the philosophical perspective of life. I realize I write in sentences and ideas that could all be elaborated upon if I so choose to do so at some time. Maybe I will and .... maybe I won't. I'll just have to see.

Isn't it wonderful that you can put all your thoughts down and perhaps someone will stumble across them just by Googling one of the key words or "labels you've assigned?"

Well, at this point I don't want to ramble on about nothing in particular and everything in general so I will stop here, look for some feedback and think some more. There are many people who think deep thoughts about life an don't write them down. I think I will try to write my thoughts down. Perhaps if others like it as well, then I will have accomplished something.


Rose Lefebvre said...

I have a book to is entitled THE SHACK by William Paul Young. It is about God and pain of loss. I am reading it now and taking it slow as it is one for thought.
Keep blogging! Your friend,

Cloth, Yarn and Life said...

Oh thanks Rose. I remember you writing about that book. I will enjoy reading it I"m sure. My friend Karen and I are reading "the Middle Place" in paper back when it is released either tomorrow or Friday. I'll keep you posted. I like your blog, we will have to be blog supporters.