Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 's Song

 What an interesting time of the year is September. The air changes, it's hard to describe but there is a brittleness to the evening air and the days, while hot, still tell that there is a change coming. It's one of those things that you either notice or you don't. There is no real way to explain, it just is, like a lot things.

If you work in education it means the end of summer and girding yourself up for the next three months until the next vacation, Christmas. I come from a family of in-laws who are all in education. I worked in higher ed, community college, and it means something different, whether you are faculty or support staff. Most support staff work all summer but faculty have the summer off, for the most part. I don't want to offend any friends with this.

There are really pungent memories of starting school as a kid. New clothes, new pencils, pens and now days a new backpack. I don't remember hauling anything back and forth to school but a lunch until high school. In the winter it became, coat, hat and boots. It seems like everyone went out and bought the wool skirts, all the truly fall clothes but where I grew up, September was one of the hotter months of the year. So you are sitting there just roasting, but in your new clothes because it was extremely important to wear your new clothes to the first day of school. Also new shoes and socks.

Squeaky shoes, new shoes, every kid gets some shoes. 

Tie shoes, buckle shoes, flats and white buck shoes, 

Brown shoes, red shoes, shiny patent leather shoes.

Sneaker shoes, high heel shoes gotta get your new shoes.

"Pardon me Roy . . .
Is that the cat that ate your new shoes? "

That's it. No shoes is bad news. Enjoy your shoes!