Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh Dear, It's been so long!

Well, here I am, I feel so mournful when I look and my last post was January 20. I feel guilty as I've had the pleasure of keeping up with others that I love. I'm sure I'm not the first blogger to hit a wall so soon after starting. I think the issue, in part, is there are just too many interesting and wonderful things, people, and stuff going on out there in the world that I am seduced by them all, hence, a stand still. I love food, the foody blogs are wonderful, but there are really important things going on besides food. Reya's The Gold Puppy is full of really thought provoking things. Things to ruminate over, take out and look at and decide whether this particular idea fits with me or not. I guess that one of the advantages of blogging is that you will ultimately find out what makes you tick.

I'm back at it again. I have spent several hours reading and catching up with the blogs I love. Some have brought me to tears, and some have made me laugh. I will not try to cover all the time since my last post. It's too much and I think just starting from where I am today is better.

Dave and I took a wonderful ride into northern California a week ago and we had fun taking pictures. He has discovered how much he enjoys photography and I'm delighted. I really want him to find a hobby he enjoys besides riding his motorcycle. Since we now have a blue bug convertible it is almost a good and much safer. Anyway, here is a picture I took of a ranch outside Mt. Shasta City. It was late afternoon and the light was just wonderful. There is something about a cloudy sky, that wonderful charcoal gray, that makes colors just pop. The long light on the hills made them look velvety. I was standing at the side of the road taking pictures when a truck stopped and asked my husband if everything was all right. He explained our photo expedition and then just a few minutes later a truck from the ranch drove out the driveway. A woman got out and asked if she could help us. She thought we might be Realtors. So we explained to her what we were doing and told how beautiful her ranch was. She said it had been the family for 100 years. She was single now and also worked as a teacher of special ed in nearby Mt. Shasta City. We had a great time talking about how hard farms/ranches are to keep going. She didn't want to lose it which I don't think was a consideration anyway. I wish now that I had gotten her address so I could send her the pictures I took.

We have actually had several photo ops over the last month which included another trip to the Redwoods. This was a kind of rainy day but still wonderful. I even made a short video of a run off waterfall along the way. The sound of it was grand. I'll post some pictures if I can learn how. For now this will do. Now I have to get back at it regularly.