Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There are no other words to describe what it is like today in Eagle Point/Medford area. I just looked at the thermometer on our patio, which is under cover, it read 107F. It leaves me mostly speechless with no adjectives that can adequately explain it, beyond cooking eggs on the sidewalk!

My brain feels scorched and so does my ambition. All our critters and making like rugs and moving very little.

I have been thinking about the recent eclipse and realized that it was almost 10 years ago exactly that we were in Sheffield England and saw the total eclipse there. It was truly an amazing phenomenon. It got really cold and not completely dark, just very gray. We were in Bakewell,where they are famous for their tarts. I didn't think they were that special but I enjoyed the time in the little town and experiencing a new taste.

I am thinking about putting the wading pool in the backyard and sit in it for a bit.

Hope you all stay cool is what ever ways you can find.