Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rocks and Crashing Sounds

I choose that title because you may think I've been hiding under a rock somewhere...I have I think but I'm ready to stick my nose out. The crashing sounds come from the sound of silence being broken after a long hiatus. Not a particularly productive time exactly but an interesting time.

I do feel to begin by apologizing is no way to get back into writing, so if you are really, truly curious about the rock I've been under, ask me and I'll try to answer. In the meantime, I just want to write.

In the last month I've been encouraged by at least three people to get serious about my art. I know I don't want to go into business with my art (quilts, jewelry, knitting) I just want to create. If someone likes it great but I'm not going to advertise my stuff. Now, there are those out there who wonder why not? Well, I'm good at creating but forget marketing and business savy. I'm an artist, not an MBA thank you very much.
Some how having to go out and beat the bush trying to convince folks that they need to buy my "stuff/art" has no appeal what so ever.

I find it very difficult to express all that I have to say in one sitting. Then because I save it with the intention of coming back and finishing I often just don't bother. Sleeping on it isn't always the best way to do things but it is often called for.

Now about my work/stuff/art. I was in Southern California for about three weeks in July and August. My uncle who I was visiting loves to go to see art so we made a stop at a local gallery in Vista where he lives. I am not sure exactly how the conversation started but there was some very beautiful beaded jewelry. I was talking with the artist about her work and also ended up in a conversation with another artist. I showed her some pictures of my work (bless my iPhone). The first thing she asked is if I had a website. I assured her I did not."Well why not" she asked. I answered "because I don't take myself seriously." What a sad statement about my regard for what I do. Her words in return were "well you should." Properly chastised I spent quite a bit of time chewing on that and asking myself..."well, why the hell not?" How can I expect anyone else to take my work seriously if I don't. Good question don't you think?

Flash forward to a recent martini and jewelry party. The artist whose jewelry was being shown was/is truly an exceptional artist. She works in her craft daily and makes amazing jewelry. So, I showed her some of my seed bead embellished bracelets and other work. She remarked particularly that I should enter my bracelets in a seed bead competition explaining that she felt very confident that my work would place! is another person validating my worth as an artist. And this gal should know because she works for a large international supplier called Fire Mountain Gems. Okay...more to think over an absorb.

I'm expressing all this because I need to do so. Seeing in writing what others have said validates me and my work.

So, that said I'd like to insert here a wonderful short film from YouTube called "Validation." It is a film that should be viewed often, at least once a week. It's clever and very true. I hope you will enjoy this film. Watch often as it will help you get through those ghastly red meanie days..


The Bead Gypsy said...

Good stuff, my friend! I am glad you are back to your craft of writing and that you intend to put your all into your other "crafts"! You are SO talented and also such an encouraging and supportive friend, I do appreciate you!
Much love,

sooz weissberg said...

Well, it didn't actually sound like you had been "under a rock" you call visiting Vista California and going to bead shops, being "under a rock"? I call it ramping-up and replenishing! You need to get out of your routine sometimes, my friend (just like me). I "get" that now you are really ramping up, and that's great. You see ready now to get going on something. Actually, I think you have been going on a lot of things ... maybe just not writing about them :) I've been chatting with you, and you've been quilting and beading and traveling and enjoying life. It's OK to be doing that too! In fact, it's more than OK; it's necessary, and it's LIFE. Enjoy it. Own it!!