Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Boon Companion

How wonderful to have boon companions to be with along the road. I think there is a quote that talks about boon companions but I can't think of it at the moment.
Sitting down to write I often don't know where I'm going with my thoughts. So, I begin and hope that the words will come and that I'll have something worthy of saying that you may find of interest.

Definition of BOON

: benefit, favor; especially : one that is given in answer to a request
: a timely benefit : blessing
What an interesting word! I think a "boon companion has been provided to me many times."  Benefit, favor a companion to walk beside you during journeys joyful and agonizing, and in answer to a request. How many times have you expressed the desire for a friend, someone to walk with you through a diffcult time and they have been provided.


noun, often attributive \kəm-ˈpan-yən\

Definition of COMPANION

: one that accompanies another : comrade, associate; also : one that keeps company with another
obsolete : rascal
a : one that is closely connected with something similar b : one employed to live with and serve another
: a celestial body that appears close to another but that may or may not be associated with it in space 

I believe the combination of boon and companion tells of a deep and sometimes temporary bringing together of people to walk a path. One such instance has arisen in my life recently that has caused me to meditate on these words. A friend and dear lady and her husband have received news that he has pancreatic cancer with but a short time to live. My prayer and hope is that I can be a boon companion to them in the difficult days ahead. The doctor has given him a very short time line and so many large and small decisions to make and long painful emotional and physical days. These friends will need "boon companions" to be there with them. I am but one companion given for this time.  

Who is your boon companion? Do you have one now, in the past? For many that companion is a dog and in doing research images of dogs alone and with their companions has show up regularly. I like the image of a boon companion, someone to be with me through good and bad times, sickness and health, rich or poor .... wait, that sounds like my wonderful husband or my best friend, always there to help and encourage, we are definitely a blessing to one another and hopefully to those around us.

May your life be filled with boon companions and, support and encouragement in all things. 


sooz weissberg said...

OK, just how many "boon companions" are in that photo? I can see two critters, but is there a third one there in the middle? There seem to be just a tad too many ears to be right.

I am so sorry for your dear friends facing this crisis ... you are probably exactly the kind of person to be their best possible boon companion.

The Fibers of Life said...

Only two, honest, maybe it's the computer ears you are seeing :-)

Rose Lefebvre said...

My boon companions are my 2 kitties...always listen to me, never critisize, never scream, and give lots of love.