Monday, June 22, 2009

What's On My Design Wall

Well, I talked about this being the Fibers of Life but they have not been terribly visible. At the urging of friends I'm going to start posting pictures. I'm not sure where this is going but it's going. I'm so grateful to the wonderful blogs I'm able to follow. Always full of goodness they are!

So this first picture is what is on my design wall at the present time. It includes a wall hanging done with the discharge method. It is waiting for me to decide how I want to quilt it.

The blocks are those I made with a block called Disappearing Nine Patch which is another really clever block I found reading blogs. It has quickly become a favorite. The fabrics were purchased as charm square packet of Kaffe Fassett and I knew when I learned of the pattern I had found just what I needed to make the quilt. I love Kaffe's fabric. He has a wonderful way of putting color, pattern and design together that just makes my creative juices get all stirred up.

The piece next to the leaves is my Convergence quilt also waiting to be quilted and next to that are the practice pieces from a class I took on perfect circles. It was great and I need to get busy doing something about what I learned. I think I love learning new things. Often I think that is what really motivates me is the excitement of learning a new technique or a pattern I found that I really love. It is funny what drives us creative folk. I suspect that when you have found your niche you just keep on going and never look back.

Now what is no longer on my design wall follows. This is a quilt for my step-daughter when she received her Masters Degree in Conducting earlier this month. I felt her accomplishment was worthy of commemorating. It is quite an accomplishment and she has already promised to go on for her doctorate. She is an incredible vocalist as well

While this is not the clearest picture, it certainly shows her at joy and finishing the job. We are proud of her. She has grown into an amazing woman whom I respect and admire a great deal.

The above is the quilt itself and the presentation label I made for it. The quilting was done by a Gammel machine by a friend who has a business of machine quilting. She is amazing and her work just sings. I was so happy to present this to Tuesday. She really likes it and was completely surprized. That made it all worth it.

It has been a month of running around and vacationing and meeting with family in Sacramento and then bringing my uncle back here to EP for a few more days. He is amazing and I'll tell more of what happened in the next posting.

For now, just in case all of you have been sitting there with baited breath waiting to hear from me again, here is your answer. I hope you enjoy reading. I will, I really will try to do much better.


Rose Lefebvre said...

YAHOO!!I am SOOOO happy that you blogged again, and especially happy to see pictures of the gorgeous work you have done!! You are so talented!! Keep going girl! You are on a roll!

Roxie said...

such pretty, pretty work! Keep posting, dear!

Melody's Mama said...

What a beautiful design wall. I'm making a disappearing nine patch myself! OK, actually this moment I'm taking a break from cutting my strips! I better get back to work!