Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 20, 2009

What follows is my response to the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday. I was so moved by what I saw and heard I just had to write it down, so, for your perusal here is my poem to our democracy and liberty.

Inauguration of Hope

Did you watch?
Were you there?
Did you feel the celebratory air?

We gathered today to listen
To be inspired and filled with hope
and were not disappointed.

In the cold clear light of noon
A new corner is turned.
We will follow with hopes held high
a million flags waving in the crisp air.

We will move forward,
not worrying
about How,
but saying
Let's do it now

A new leader is before us,
Gathering all our hopes and dreams
into his intention to live true democracy.

But not forgetting that to live our dream
We must contribute all we have,
Pledge to the good of all.

Let us stand tall,
hearing the voices
of past, present and future
and walk forward in expectation,

work to raise this nation
in the sturdy pursuit of peace
within and without our borders,

To inspire those around us
to give
a little bit more for others,
and take
a little less for ourselves.

For, it has always been

and thus will always be

Love each other as we love ourselves,
Being kind to friend, stranger and family.

Our strength lies in our ability to say
I was wrong,
there is a better way.

Take my hand and walk with me
To a better tomorrow
not forgetting all those things

that have gone before,
the hurts,
and the wars,

Draw deep from ourselves,

find a depth we did not know was there.

Let us celebrate and dance
the dance of liberty,

Joyful in the change that has been promised,

to this great nation.

And, I will say yes, yes, yes!


Reya Mellicker said...

Brilliant! I wish I could write poetry. I suck at that form, but I love reading it.

Wish there was some central collection of writings about the inauguration where you could submit this.

Roxie said...


And yes, sock yarn would work well for a moebius,but it will take enough for two pairs of socks and you will be knitting 4evR!

Teehee! My verification word is exploge. Sounds messy, doesn't it?

meggie said...

We also join those thoughts from over here!

Carol said...

As Reya said, "brilliant". That is an absolutely beautiful poem. And it says it all.

I was moved by this inauguration more than I have ever been before. This is certainly a great moment in our country's history.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us.

karenfae said...

You said it just right!

c james. said...

Now that's a nice poem. Thank you. It still hasn't quite set in for me yet that we are now on a path to greatness. The picture of President Obama in the newspaper yesterday, sitting in the Oval Office was healing for me.

Rose Lefebvre said...

I knew the poem would be appreciated and enjoyed! I am glad you decided to share with everyone.